We are one of the most trusted UK based registered companies comprised of experienced professional with an outstanding knowledge and expertise on the British Educational system and UK student visa regulations.
Most of our talented recruitment officers have worked in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Therefore, we know how valuable a British qualification is in your home country and the unlimited opportunities it offers on the international job market.
We are keen to help you as an international student to apply, enrol and secure your place in a British college or university we are working with.
We will provide you with practical advice and help you to fill out the relevant paperwork such as your visa application; discuss your ambitions and the course you want to apply for; assess your competence and your financial ability and will help your sponsor on all aspects of your application to enable you to complete your studies in the UK.
We accept applications for international students on pre-university, undergraduate, masters, post-graduate and English courses.
If you are from Africa, Asia or the Middle East, this is really a golden opportunity for you. Please contact us on, we will be more than happy to help make your dreams come true. Your future is in your own hands, but we are here to help you make it brighter than ever. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

We help UK national students (home students) to enrol in educational establishment in Great Britain. We provide professional and practical advice to help our candidates secure a place of admission at colleges and universities.
As most of national student also known as home students are eligible for financial support from Student Finance England, we will help you to complete your application form to apply for funding for tuition fees and your personal living expenses. We will then contact them on your behalf to check the progress of your application and advise you accordingly.
If you are a national student (this includes British citizens, refugees and their spouses), do not hesitate to contact us on, and it will be a privilege to help you unlock your potentials and make your dream come true.