B.E.B.C. Ltd is a private limited company registered in England and Wales.

This company is made up of professionals who have a great expertise in both domestic and international business. We deal with British Education and Business Connections in other countries worldwide, mainly in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

As we have an outstanding understanding of the British educational system and the impact of British qualifications across the world. Our team of experts are therefore keen to facilitate the enrollment of international students into British educational establishments by recruiting them from various countries and referring them to colleges and universities we are working with across Great Britain.

Unlike other businesses operating in this sector of students recruitment, B.E.B.C. Ltd does not only use online marketing, but more interestingly our marketing team and recruitment officers will visit applicants in their home countries to discuss both the competence and the financial ability of those who want to come and study here in the UK.

During this process, we will check their financial provision; discuss a variety of aspects which can help candidates make a robust application to enable them to secure their enrollment in an appointed college or university according to their need, and will provide support in their application for a student visa.

This is a complex and expensive part of marketing campaign which is not doable by many, but our dedicated team has proven able to keep it easy and affordable, because of our internal and professional veiled secrets.  Our diverse and talented recruitment officers will recruit international applicants from government agencies, businesses and individuals without any problems as they have a clear insight and understanding about the country they are operating in. In addition, B.E.B.C. Ltd is one of the rare credible agencies operating throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

We also understand that it is usually a nightmare for many people who have never traveled to the UK, to cope with unusual realities in a foreign country, especially for their very first visit. Therefore, we will provide airport pick up services where necessary from almost all UK airports for our recruited international students, upon arrival and take them to their college or university accommodation. This service is subject to prior arrangement if needed.

Secondly, we also recruit national students and refer them to colleges and universities across the United Kingdom. As, most of national applicants are eligible to funding from Student Finance, we will therefore provide support in terms of the completion of application forms as well as phoning up to check the progress of their application with the relevant department.
Thirdly, we provide professional Interpretation and translation service from English to other foreign languages and vice-versa.

Our skillful interpreters and translators are routinely trained to keep up with professional codes of conduct related to their work. They are fully aware of cultural differences, therefore they never attempt to proceed to a verbatim translation, but they thoughtfully use their knowledge of language in context by carefully considering the culture of the languages involved. In addition, the majority of them have many years of experience working in the field of translation and interpretation. Consequently, we promise to provide you with the most friendly and professional service.

Finally, we operate shipping services from the UK to a number of countries across the world.